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About the Academy

Purple Track Academy is a premier training center based in the Philippines. We are one of the first training centers that quickly and seamlessly transitioned to a 100% online setup to adapt to the demands of the BPO industry during the pandemic -and this agility already says a lot about us.

PTA specializes in mentoring individuals aspiring to become part of the business process outsourcing industry. We provide high-quality skill training programs to help our clients understand, set up, and prepare what they need to serve this thriving industry.

Purple Track Academy aims to deliver top-notch education accessible anywhere: for individuals seeking more knowledge in a particular digital industry, for companies that need to cope with the digital economy, and for educators who aim to share their expertise with a wider audience.


PTA provides simplified coaching platforms for individuals to equip them with the relevant skills to reach their goals and full potential.

PTA partners with companies in need of upskilling their employees to grow in their current positions and bring added value to their business.

PTA gives educators a teaching platform where they can contribute to advancing the quality of digital education.


To produce outstanding graduates that are able to direct and pivot their careers through knowledge and competencies gained through our education system.

To create valuable, mutually beneficial, and long-term relationships with companies in need of updating the skills of their staff to meet the demands of their industry.

To become a community of education leaders and innovators that sets a global standard in digital learning.

Core Values


We value meeting and exceeding expectations through quality work. We go to extraordinary lengths to serve our trainees only the highest form of digital learning.

We carry the passion of caring for Purple Track Academy and our trainees as if they were our own.

Embedded in our strategy, processes, and partnerships in the pursuit of quality training.


We embrace each other's differences so that we may enrich the well-being of everyone. Valuing diversity, we encourage an inclusive environment that promotes empathy and camaraderie.

We understand that every individual is unique, and we recognize our individual differences; be it race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.


We value team accomplishments and seek opportunities to join our teams to advance the success of our trainees.

We are committed to working together across nations and throughout the world.

Only by sharing ideas, technologies, and talents can the company achieve and sustain profitable growth.


We value, above all, being honest and ethical in every aspect of our business.

We value our trainees' trust and ensure to uphold this value in our day-to-day business dealings and activities.


We nurture reciprocal relationships between Purple Track Academy and our trainees; the company and its employees.

We stay true to our commitments, and we treat others with mutual respect and trust.


We value leadership by continuously developing ourselves through a never-ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. In doing so, we would be armed to serve as leaders by example.


We are dedicated to continuing and focusing on the development of online learning and skills training. Using education as a tool, we want individuals to become more confident and empowered.


We are committed to always look for new ways to improve and innovate, to ensure academic excellence and content relevancy. Embracing new ideas and points of view - in respect, and humility, we actively listen.


We give importance to delivering extraordinary experiences by creating various ways in order to gain new knowledge for a continuous learning process.


We value our engagements with our learners, we want to create an environment that emits sincerity and honesty that help build positive energy in which would then bring out the best in an individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Purple Track Academy is the official training center of Linkserve Solutions BPO Inc. We are responsible for training and equipping candidates with the skills and techniques necessary to excel as a telemarketer and a leader.

Most of our accounts are business to business, business to consumer, both appointment setting lead generation. You will be trained on B2C campaign doing surveys.

No, the Operations Manager together with the PurpleTrack coaches will recommend which account/campaign you are going to be assigned to.

Yes. Once you're fully onboarded, you will have your respective team leaders aside from your campaign managers.


Accomplish and submit online application form thru:

After passing the initial interview and completing the requirements, the Recruitment Department will schedule a Pre-training orientation which your attendance is MANDATORY. On the same day, you will receive an email containing your PTA training portal username and password.

Trainees who excel on the training are generally has attention to detail, motivated, independent, and have good time-management skills.


PurpleTrack Academy is the accredited training center of Linkserve Solutions.

Training schedule is up to 20 days; 5 days a week, 5-7 hours a day.

Training normally starts at 10PM and ends at 7AM. But this may vary depending on the schedule given to you by the trainer on your training e-mail.

No, zoom access will be sent to your email everyday on the 1st phase of the training.

To access the training materials please follow the instructions carefully:

  1. Log in to the PTA training portal using the credentials that we sent to the email that you used on your account information.
  2. Click "Training Materials" on the menu tab.
  3. Click the Script & Guidelines and Orientation Videos.
  4. Happy learning! 😀

No. Training materials are intellectual property of the Company.

Downloading, printing and illegal distribution is prohibited and punishable by law.

Yes, please accomplish a reconsideration form using your account in the portal or send us a reconsideration letter at hr@linkservesolutions.com to join the next batch.

After passing the training program, trainees will receive:

  • Certificate of completion from PTA
  • Endorsement letter from PTA to Linkserve
  • Sign up bonus from Linkserve upon onboarding

Once you understand the clause about termination of agreement you may complete an electronic quit form on the training portal.

No, everyday has a different topic that will be discussed which is essential to the requirements of the position.

The assessment will be based on the standards provided by Linkserve Solutions BPO Inc.

Ethernet connections are faster because you're essentially hard-wired into the internet. Wifi is not compatible with the work-from-home setup requirements due to the stability of connection.

If you are experiencing technical problems, your first point of contact should be the IT Service Desk thru our Live chat. Your concerns will possibly be resolved right away. If not, the IT Service Desk will direct you to the right resources to provide you with further support.

No, Linkserve Solutions provides equipment to their associates who passed the training program with PTA and signed a contract with them for at least 3 months.

Before Training

All training materials can only be access online. Strong access to the internet is required. You are also need to accomplish the pre-training exercise prior to the training day.

Kindly follow the steps:

  • Check the email address that you used on your account information during pre-training orientation.
  • Check your Primary inbox, Promotions folder, Spam folder or using the search box, type "Your Purple Track Academy Credentials!"
  • If there are no result found, contact your recruitment officer.

Simply input the PTA credentials (username and password) that we sent to your provided email.

Check the email address that you used on your account information during pre-training orientation.

No, but it only means that you are not yet ready for the training. So you might need to review more the training materials and take the pre-training exam again until you got at least 50% score.

During Training

Kindly send a request to add time logs on the PTA training portal.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to "View Time Logs"
  2. Click "Request to add Time Log"
  3. Fill out the form with the necessary information needed:
    • Date
    • Start and End time
    • Type of shift
    • Reason
    • Attach Proof of Validation

Follow the steps:

  1. Go to "View Time Logs"
  2. Choose the time logs that you wish to change/update. Click "Send Request"
  3. Fill out the form with the necessary information needed:
    • Start and End time
    • Type of shift
    • Reason
    • Attach Proof of Validation

Kindly send a request to add time logs on the PTA training portal.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to "View Time Logs"
  2. Click "Request to add Time Log"
  3. Fill out the form with the necessary information needed:
    • Date
    • Start and End time
    • Type of shift
    • Reason
    • Attach Proof of Validation

Once you understood the clause about termination of agreement you may complete an electronic quit form on the training portal.

Sign Up Bonus

The rate of sign up bonus of the trainee is as much as Six Thousand Pesos (₱6,000) after the training has been completed. The date of the release of the sign-up bonus is either on the 16th or 1st day of the month after completion of the program. If for any reason, the trainee terminates the Training Program, there will be no sign up bonus.

No, the computation of sign up bonus will be based on your number of training days.

Example: ₱300 x 15 training days = ₱4,500 sign up bonus

Once you sign the probationary contract, regular salary will be given. The regular salary rate is higher than the bonus daily rate. So aim to finish the training as fast as you can!

100% of the sign up bonus will NOT be released to partially pay for the training program invested by the company.

No, you will not pay anything. But you will not be able to receive your sign up bonus. The sign up bonus that you earned will be allotted to the training invested by the company.

No, it is stated in the agreement, in exchange for the said cost of the training program. The trainee agrees to render future service to the company for at least 1 year.

Senario #1:

Due to her good performance, Trainee A was able to finish the training as early as her 15th day.

How much sign-up bonus will she get?


₱300 x 15 days = ₱4,500

Senario #2:

Trainee B was able to complete his training. However, he had 3 day-absence due to internet outage during his 4th phase of training. How much sign-up bonus will he get?


₱300 x 17 days = ₱5,100

Senario #3:

Trainee C was able to complete his 20 days of training without any absence.

How much sign-up bonus will he get?


₱300 x 20 days = ₱6,000

Senario #4:

Trainee D was able to complete her 20 days of training without any absence. However, she decided not to sign the probationary contract and not continue her employment with Linkserve. How much sign-up bonus will she get?


Trainee D will not get any amount as a sign-up bonus. Based on the Training Agreement, Linkserve will release the sign-up bonus only to those who will sign the probationary contract and will work with Linkserve.


After you pass the training program and you sign the probationary contract, your starting salary is ₱12,000 to ₱14,000 per month depending on your performance during training.

The night differential and internet allowance is not included in the salary package mentioned during the interview, which is ₱12,000 to ₱14,000 per month.

Additional 10% from 10PM to 6AM for night differential.

Final salary offers will be given after the training period of 20 working days.

Yes, salary increase will be awarded after performance evaluation in 3-6 months.

Overtime is required if the team fails to hit the required quota of the campaign. The quotas are realistic and the only time that it is not reached is if there are excessive absences in the team.

Overtime is not encouraged because it costs the company additional funds to spend for the same service fee for the client. And the company prefers that you have work-life balance, meaning you finish work after 9 hours of shift.

Overtime pay is 30% of the hourly rate.

Schedule & Set Up

Since most of our clients are based in the US and Canada, you will be working in a fixed graveyard schedule.

We normally work Mondays to Fridays. There are times that the employees are asked to render Saturdays if the team falls behind quota due to excessive absences or low quality of work. But ideally, we prefer not to work on Saturdays, because that would mean additional expense for the company.

After finishing your virtual training and signing the probationary contract, this will be a work from home setup.

After pandemic:

For candidates outside Batangas province, you will be permanently working from home.

For candidates residing in Batangas province, you have an option to work onsite once the quarantine is lifted or continue working from home. But you may be required to come to the office depending on the requirements of the operations.


You have two choices in submitting your requirements. The first option is to submit it personally in the office, and the second option is to send it via LBC.

Below is our complete office address and other information:

Recipient Name: Linkserve Solutions BPO Inc.

Address: 2nd Floor #33 Ambida Building P. Burgos St. Barangay 9, Batangas City, Batangas 4200

Contact No: 0998-996-7880

Yes. The new account that you will open is for your payroll account with the company.

It is required that you have to go to the nearest PSBank branch to create your payroll account. Failure to create a PSBank payroll account may mean delays in getting your salary every month.

Our HR Officer will give you the endorsement letter needed in opening your payroll account, you will bring your ID to the bank and your ATM will be ready in 5-10 mins. It is advised that you call the branch before you go there to make sure they have an ATM plastic ready.

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